2013-2015 EIF Community Actions




Intercultural Joint Awareness Raising Action


The “Intercultural Joint Awareness Raising – In.J.Awa.Ra” is a EuropeAid project which promotes the intercultural dialogue among the Global Youth.


In.J.Awa.Ra encourages the participation of youth in global development issues and supports the development of a critical understanding of the relations between the Global North and South, with particular emphasis on sustainable development and social justice.


The general objective of the project is to make a contribution to the enhancement of the levels of information and proactive awareness of European citizens on the foundations, the dynamics as well as the effects of the relations between the Global North and South. Additionally, the specific objective of ‘In.J.Awa.Ra’ is to reinforce a widespread and collective conscience on Millennium Development Goals (MDG).


More: >> http://injawara.eu/index.php/en/



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